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  • Dog Park Welcomes New Members

    Dog Park in Cutler Bay, Florida Community Dogs are both man and woman’s best friend. They greet us when we return home. They cuddle with us on sick days and run along with us on our best days. It makes sense that more and more people are requiring the communities they live in to be […]

    Grandparents Day 2018 – How Are You Celebrating?

    Grandparents Day 2018  Grandparents’ Vital Role National Grandparents Day is September 9, 2018. As we prepare to celebrate Grandparents Day in our community, we reflect on the role Grandparents have in our society and our lives today. Being a Grandparent is an incredibly important life role for many reasons and societal functions. One of the […]

    Living Wellness

    “Wellness.” What does wellness mean to you? To us, wellness is both the present state of being in good health, but also an actively pursued goal that involves the mind, body, and spirit. Most of us understand wellness as our current or present state of health. However, the second part to the definition of wellness […]

    Explore Nature – Florida National Wildlife Refuge

    Wildlife & Natural Beauty at Your Backdoor Did you know East Ridge at Cutler Bay has achieved two distinctive national certifications?   The entire 76-acre community now proudly carries nationwide environmental status as a Wildlife Refuge from the National Wildlife Foundation. The East Ridge community is also certified as a Butterfly Sanctuary by the North […]

    East Ridge Residents Play Shakespeare with Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida

    East Ridge residents will have an opportunity to play famous characters from Shakespeare on stage this month.     Residents are being recruited to take to the stage with professional actors from the Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida. “On Friday, August 24 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., residents will participate in a training workshop and […]

    East Ridge Honors Employees with Scholarships

    In 2015, East Ridge at Cutler Bay, a life plan community in Miami-Dade County, initiated a scholarship award program for their employees. That year, one person received the newly launched scholarship—funded by donations—to help cover the cost of tuition. A Growing Scholarship Program In only three years, the scholarship fund has more than doubled and the recipients […]

    Dimensions of Wellness at the East Ridge Community

    East Ridge at Cutler Bay, a retirement community offering life care, offers residents key components to overall health and wellness through eight dimensions of wellness. Each month a planned activity calendar is designed to bring residents many options for a full integration of these dimensions.  These include social, vocational, intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and environmental, […]

    Choosing a Modern Senior Living Community

    At our workshops and talking with customers, it’s interesting to hear the many misconceptions about senior living communities. That’s why we encourage people to experience the East Ridge lifestyle and especially take advantage of our trial stay program. This helps in having first-hand and opportunity to live at East Ridge and experience what a typical […]

    How East Ridge Promotes Good Nutrition & Wellness

    We are what we eat!  The community at East Ridge at Cutler Bay actively works to encourage informed food choices, developing sound eating habits, and physical activity habits.  We have a unique advantage at East Ridge at Cutler Bay which allows us to offer a variety of dining options that are beneficial and enjoyable for residents. […]

    Sankpill to Chair East Ridge Town Council

    East Ridge resident, Linda Sankpill, believes it’s the perfect time in her life to give back to others. Despite only living at East Ridge for a year, she recently was elected to chair the East Ridge Town Council and is serving a one-year term which began in January. The Town Council is comprised of elected […]

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