Benefits of an Assisted Living Community

I’m often asked how living in an assisted living community can be of benefit.  When I tour people through the assisted living neighborhood within the Three Palms Health Center, seeing the engagement of residents really stands out as a true benefit. Many assisted...

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Love of Gardening Nurtured at East Ridge

The East Ridge gardeners may have discovered their own fountain of youth in an unlikely location: the shade house of the retirement community. Here, amid a variety of tropical plants, pots and soils, these avid gardeners enjoy nurturing their ‘green thumbs’ while...

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Popular Item on East Ridge Menu Continues to Attract Customers

At East Ridge, without fail, there’s always a delightful selection of homemade soups on the life plan community’s daily menu. It has almost become a trademark of the community! Residents sometimes opt for a lighter dinner and combine soup with a salad or take home...

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Make Your Retirement Plans Your New Year’s Resolution

When people think retirement, they often think of it as all of the years following working. Research is indicating that retirement isn’t simply one stage of life and can more accurately be defined as four stages. Retirement communities such as East Ridge at Cutler Bay...

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